About Me

About Me
Nikki Haley event on 12/13/23 (Brattleboro Reformer).

Hi! My name is Quinn and I am a 15-year-old political commentator from New Hampshire. I have attended over 100 presidential rallies since the age of 10, have met several presidents, and have asked numerous questions, which have given me a unique perspective into the world of politics (which I am still figuring out).

This website is dedicated to promoting my blog and podcast where I will attempt to give an unbiased view of my perspective on the presidential process in how the candidate performed, the content of a speech, differentiation from the field, hypocritical aspects, retail political skills, turnout, energy, how they handled mine or an other's questions, and much more. You can find my podcast "Into The Tussle" in the podcast section or any major streaming platform, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

My experiences and questions have been covered in The Boston Globe, The New York Times, CNN, USA Today, The Daily Beast, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and many more which are linked below.

If you have any feedback or want to contact me please head to the contact section.

At 15, he’s made Ron DeSantis squirm, drawn national attention, and started a presidential podcast. Meet Quinn Mitchell. - The Boston Globe
An exchange with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in June circulated widely online and elevated Quinn Mitchell, already a familiar face on the Granite State campaign trail for the past four years, to a national platform.
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A New Hampshire local has a reputation for asking politicians tough questions. He’s also 15.
Quinn Mitchell, 15, likes to play Minecraft. He also has a reputation in New Hampshire for asking presidential candidates tough questions.
Ron DeSantis Is Afraid of Questions From a 15-Year-Old
The Florida governor’s operation went to extraordinary lengths to intimidate a high school sophomore—all for a question about Donald Trump.
Teenage journalist removed from Republican event by police
Quinn Mitchell, who had credentials for New Hampshire political summit, says he was accused of being ‘tracker’ and ‘disturbance’