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How I, an 11-Year-Old From New Hampshire, Became ‘Political’

In June of 2019, I was an 11-year-old kid from a very small town in New Hampshire who loved politics and history. My dad had agreed to take me to see any presidential candidate speaking within an hour of home. 

By June, I had seen 13 of the 26 candidates, and my dad was pretty worn out. 

But Joe Biden hadn’t made it over to our more rural side of the state. One morning, I saw news that he was set to visit Concord. After some persuasion, I managed to convince my dad to travel past his limit. 

On the drive over, I decided I was going to ask a question — I had watched and listened to others ask questions at events — and my dad promptly suggested, “Sure, you should ask him what his dog’s name is or something.” Knowing that would be easily googleable, I just as promptly replied, “No, Dad, that would be a major waste of a question.”

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How I, an 11-Year-Old From New Hampshire, Became ‘Political’ - WhoWhatWhy
More of us, especially the young voters and soon-to-be voters, need to get more involved, show up, and ask hard questions.